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Research Work

I am working on an On-chip and autonomous Brain Machine Interface for application to Neuro-prosthetics. My focus is on developing algorithms for unsupervised clustering and spike detection by finding the trade-off between efficiency and complexity. I have a Bachelors in Telecommunication Engineering from NUCES, Lahore. Currently at SEECS, I am working towards a Masters in Signal Processing. I am also fascinated by the theories of wormholes, time travel and cryonics. I also believe everyone should read 'Tuesdays with Morrie' by Mitch Albom..


Project Description

"ASIC design for implantable neural signal compression"

With neural recording from over a thousand channels and a growing demand in wireless systems, neural signal compression has become inevitable. In neural spike sorting, transmitting every detected spike over the channel results in high data rates and higher power consumption with area constraints. We at AMSG are developing ASIC design for unsupervised spike sorting that limits the transmitted data to spike time and corresponding neuron number. At the same time, we are ensuring an implantable spike sorting system that is accurate, automatic, real-time and computationally inexpensive.


A Generic Block Level Diagram of Bio Implantable microchip

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Research Engineer
Analog Mixed Signal Group