1. Differential Amplifier (System Integration: VLSI/ULSI )                                                    (May, 2010)

         Design and simulation of Differential Amplifier + Layout                                

     2. Tunable Audio Amplifier (Integrated Circuits and Design)                                                   (Jan, 2010)

         Designed a 25W into 8ohm Audio Amplifier

     3. DC Servo Motor Control Project (Control Systems II)                                                      (Jan, 2010)

         Controlled the direction & speed of Servo motor using microcontroller

     4. Automatic Cruise Control System (Control Systems)                                                        (Jul, 2009)

         Controlled Speed of DC motor using micro-controller

     5. AM- Transmitter (Analog and digital Communication Systems)                                           (Jul, 2009)

         Developed an AM transmitter

     6. Simulation of Bowtie-Wideband Antenna (Microwave devices & Antennas)                    (Jul, 2009)

         Simulated the radiation patterns of Bow-tie antenna on HFSS

     7. Game Buzzer System (Digital Systems)                                                                               (Jul, 2008)

         Designed a buzzer system using digital components