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Muhammad Ali Khalid, NUST Graduate:  Nov, 2010



Research Work

I have worked as a system level Researcher on the project and have designed and simulated system level blocks like Modulation, Power Amplifier, Filter and Antenna
Design on Matlab. The circuit level implementation was done on Cadence with successful results.

I have designed class D current mode and voltage mode power amplifiers and have successfully implemented various modulation schemes like Pulse Width Modulation,
Delta-Sigma Modulation and Polar Modulation on Matlab and Cadence. I am also working on research paper in this domain.

Currently I am working on Hardware (off-chip) Implementation of Switch Mode Transmitter/Receiver with pulse width modulation and current mode class D power amplifier.
Initial work is being done on Agilent ADS. The current mode class D amplifier has been successfully simulated on ADS at 300MHz frequency.

My future plan is to continue my work on the above mentioned research papers and make it more elaborate.

Contact Information :

Muhammad Ali Khalid
Research Associate
Analog Mixed Signal Group