Welcome to the Analog Mixed Signal Group!

    The AMS group was formed to initiate activities in the domain of mixed signal design at SEECS-NUST. The focus of this group is to solve the design challenges faced by the IC world because of technology scaling as determined by the moore's law. However, this technology scaling brings new challenge for the analog designers beacuse of transistor's increased leakage noise, limited output resistance etc. The group is fully aware of the design challenges and targets to sovle the analog problems using the digital circuits as digital techniques are more robust and cost effective.

    Analog and Digital integrated circuits and DSP signal processing techniques with applications in various disciplines, such as sensor technology, communications, and biotechnology remain the primary focus of our group. These applications span a wide range from high-speed and RF to low-frequency high-precision circuits. We investigate the problem both in theory and practice and implement new systems in very large scale integrated circuits.

Vision and Goals

    • To enhance our skills in the area of analog and mixed signal design
    • To develop skilled work force in the area of analog and mixed signal design
    • To develop state of the art solutions in collaboration with industry

Research Areas

  • Digitally assisted analog Circuits
  • Implantable Micro-system for Neural Recording and Stimulation
  • Switch mode transmitter architectures
  • High speed and low power data converters
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection and design for nanometer ICs